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The office Guilherme Guimarães Associated Lawyers acts in the provision of legal services with a high standard of quality and excellence in the various areas of Business Law, especially in the areas of Digital Law and Information Security.


Linked directly to the activities of its clients, the Guilherme Guimarães Advogados Associados office seeks innovative solutions for application in its business. The office is determined to pursue the desired results for its clients, whose achievements are the foundations that determine success.

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Experienced legal counseling

  • Corporate Law

  • Civil right

  • Family and Successions

  • Contracts

  • Labor law

  • Consumer Rights

  • Credit Recovery

  • Industrial Property and Copyright Law

  • Digital Law and Information Security


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Legal Shielding

Among the areas of activity of the office, we highlight the work in the DIGITAL RIGHT and INFORMATION SECURITY segment, which consists of the legal shielding of technological resources, with the objective of protecting the company's information assets from threats that may cause financial losses and the corporate image


Secure Policies

Analysis, evaluation and treatment of information security risks. Establish information security policies by selecting appropriate controls to protect information from various types of threats, such as assignment of responsibilities, confidentiality agreements, identification of risks related to external parties, employment contracts, human resources security, physical security environment, access control, role segregation, media handling, cryptographic controls, monitoring and privacy, asset management, business continuity management, Information Security Policies, provision of awareness, training and education, endomarketing, analysis and elaboration of code of ethics, participation and support in the Incident Response Group, European and Brazilian Data Protection Regulation, Anti-Corruption Law and its regulation (Law 12.846 / 13 and Decree 8.420 / 15)

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Selection and preservation

Document management to reduce the flow or eliminate the use of paper in the corporate organization, with the elaboration of an Electronic Document Management Policy, to establish criteria for the selection and preservation of documents and the time necessary for their custody.


Advice for development contracts in the area of ​​technology

Legal advice in the analysis and development of all contracts that have the software as object, model SPI (software and service platform), outsourcing, telecommunications, SLA , among others.

Legal Representation
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Secure transactions

Ensuring the security of e-commerce, vulnerability analysis of the site, implementation of mechanisms to guarantee the security of the data transacted on the web, advisory in the implementation of the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), elaboration of terms of use, policies of privacy, user data protection, database protection, and incident response.


Law-and-consumer marketing actions

Legal assistance in the implementation of strategic actions of digital marketing, copyright protection, image, trademarks, domain names; assistance in obtaining authorization from Caixa Econômica Federal to distribute prizes for advertising, analysis and elaboration of contracts specific to the communication activity.

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Digital forensics, civil and criminal litigation

Legal and extrajudicial actions to prevent and / or combat the practice of illegal acts, such as, without limitation, electronic crimes, invasion of computer devices, misuse of information and confidential data, unfair competition practices, threats, crimes against honor, extortion, infringement of copyright and industrial property; Action in the civil and criminal sphere for the preservation of rights; Establishment of measures for the preservation and collection of digital evidence; Elaboration of the tactics to respond to an incident and reduction of negative impacts; Removal of content from the internet; Monitoring of expertise involving electronic assets

Guilherme Guimarães Rocha Pereira dos Santos, lawyer, regularly enrolled in the OAB / PR under No. 42.099; founding partner of Guilherme Guimarães Advogados Associados, a legal services company specialized in Business Law that has been working for 18 years in areas of interest to the most modern companies; acting in the Digital Right; specialist in Information Security at the Latin American University of Technology; He has a specialization in Information Technology and Communication Management from the Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná; collaborated in drafting of the Civil Framework of the Internet


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